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Kayaking Žeimena – one of the most popular route in Lithuania. River Žeimena meandering through Aukštaitija National Park , it is surrounded by exceptionally beautiful views and it is perfect for kayaking. That is why it is chosen by experienced tourists and those for whom this is the first trip with kayaks.

River Žeimena has a number of various routes so it is perfect for those who already tried this river. You can start with the lakes where Žeimena flows out, or choose to start from beautiful Kaltanėnai town. This way you will skip padling through the lakes but you will have to step up in managing the kayak  in the river. Routes abundance – your freedom of choice, but if you can not make the choise we will be happy to help you.

Interesting fact – Žeimena – one of the cleanest rivers in Lithuania, it is just one more reason to choose this pearl of Aukštaitija.