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Kayak rental Lakaja

Lakaja – river for those who want to see the wild nature, row surrounded by the trees, enjoy the wind rustle and loves to dissect the lakes. Lakaja flowing out of the Black Lakaja lake, passes a few more lakes and after about 30 kilometers falls into Žeimena – one of the cleanest rivers in Lithuania.

Traveling for one day Lakaja might be to much but if you have chosen two days route you will have a great time in these two beautiful  Aukštaitija National Park rivers.

Beautiful nature, forests, lakes, plenty of campsites and kayaking with a number of like-minded – this is Lakaja.

Kayaking Lakaja is ideal for travel with children, calm rowing, because the river pretty quiet, adapted for kayaking without major surprises. However, this river chooses experienced rowers, who are interested in narrow bends, trees forming obstacles or the possibility of reaching a maximum speed in the lake.

Anyone can find Lakaja of their own!

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