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Kayak renatal Vilnius – Neris

Kayaking in Neris

Trinapolis church

Kayaking river Neris are mostly for those who want to get to know the city of Vilnius, to see the differences between the old part and the new districts, to see how rapidly forests and parks are changing in to civilization.

River Neris – is second largest river in Lithuania meandering from Belarus to Kaunas and allowing to view three capitals of the country: the existing one – Vilnius, historical – Kernavė, temporary – Kaunas.

We offer you a kayak rental in Vilnius. Kayaking in Neris within the city limits. It does not require a lot of effort, because the river is wide, without many obstacles. Kayaking Neris is perfect for those who are traveling with children, elderly people or if they have not been kayaking before. Proficient rowers can make up a number of tasks. This river is a perfect fit for little race.

Kayaking Neris at night – another great attraction that gives a lot of positive emotions! Vilnius at dusk, lights of the city, the old town roofs and towers of the new center – sight really takes breath away! We offer to try kayaking Neris river both by day and late evening.