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Kayak rental in Vilnius

Kayak rental in Vilnius and whole Lithuania is a very popular type of entertainment. Liked by all ages and professions people from students to businessmens. Kayaking we are offering for tourists  as well – it is great opportunity to get to know Lithuania wild nature. Probably the perfect access to such places as the capital of Vilnius and Aukstaitija national park.

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kayak rentalin Vilnius. Best activie leisure in Lithuania since 1990 !

Therefore during  kayaking you will understand why Lithuanians love sings about the nature of their country, which they trying to protect.

In conclusion, kayak rent in Lithuania for you can be interesting not only for its beautiful locations, but also a great way to get to know your fellow. A little activety after the permanent museums and other tourist objects visiting or just have a good time in the fresh air, surrounded by nature.

  • We offer a number of rivers, which will be really fun kayaking in:
  • Quiet, and wide Neris, the second largest river in Lithuania.
  • Vilnelė – flowing, curvy, full of excitement and adventure.
  • A little distant from Vilnius river Merkys, who is regarded as one of the most beautiful rivers in Lithuania.
  • River Žeimena – Aukštaitija National Park centerpiece, wittily called kayak expressway.
  • River Lakaja – one more of the Aukštaitija region’s river, which flows even in a few lakes.
  • Tour in Aukštaitija National Park – a chance to see one of the most beautiful corners of Lithuania active and interesting.

To try kayaking we offer for every tourist who came to visit Lithuania.

One number can answer all your questions about kayak rental in Vilnius Lithuania !

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Do not be afraid and you are one or only two, we will help you to complete the group and kayaking at the most affordable prices, we are happy to satisfy you!