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River Merkys – perfect choice for a family trip. Kayaking this river is not difficult, it is not too narrow or dangerous but the landscape will not leave anyone indifferent. While kayaking you will be able to see a number of historical monuments, on the banks are many authentic Lithuanian homesteads and pleasant nature. What is more this route on Merkys has the advantage that it is one of the most adapted  river for kayaking – planty of campsites, easily accessible, clean shores.

Want more complex route? We offer to try kayaking in the upper part of Merkys where are slightly more obstacles, sparsely populated areas. In the end of the route you can relax.

Choose kayaking Merkys river offered to those who have come to Lithuania not for the first time and would like to know the greater part of the country, not just the capital, Vilnius. Also it can be a great choice for those who are seeking an escape plan on a hot summer day.